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Howard Marans MD: Questions to Ask When Choosing an Orthopedic Specialist

Orthopedic Specialist


The need to see an orthopedic specialist varies with each individual. From fractures to joint degeneration, each year millions of people develop issues dealing with the musculoskeletal system. An orthopedic specialist has extensive training in the issues, diseases and injuries of the joints, ligaments, tendons and all others pertaining to the musculoskeletal system.


Why Go to an Orthopedic Specialist?


The main reason to visit an orthopedic specialist is to find the cause of the pain and other symptoms. The various symptoms may occur in the shoulders, back, hips, ankles, knees, hands or wrists. Depending on the area, the symptoms may include:


- A limiting range of movement which affects daily living routines

- Continuous pain or a dull ache lasting over a week

- Stiffness, swelling, bruising of the joint area

- Deformity of the joint

- Inflammation, tender to the touch, fever


In most cases, the orthopedic specialist will begin with a complete medical history, physical examination, and testing to determine the cause of the symptoms.


Questions to Ask


The best orthopedic specialist will take the time to answer and explain the recommendations for treating the musculoskeletal issue. When finding the right orthopedic specialist, research and ask questions.


- What are the orthopedic specialist credentials? Specialized training? Board certification?

- How long has the doctor been practicing? Is the practice consistent?

- Does the doctor have experience with high risk patients? For example, a patient with diabetes may need different care options.

- How many procedures similar to the patient’s problem has the doctor performed?

- What the risks or complications involved with this type of procedure?

- Does the specialist use nonsurgical methods? Will these methods be implemented first before surgery?

- What is the desired outcome after the procedure?

- What hospitals does the doctor have an ongoing affiliation with?

- What is the recovery time for the procedure?

- Does the orthopedic surgeon provide material on the procedure for reading or direct the patient to a website for researching?

- Will the patient need physical therapy after the procedure?

- Is the medical team assisting in the procedure experienced?

- How many times will a patient need to return for follow up care?

- Is the procedure covered under the health insurance plan? What types of payment plans are being offered?


Write out questions or concerns prior to the first visit to get the most out of the appointment. As a potential patient, each subject should be addressed in full details to give peace of mind. If the answers are not satisfying, get a second opinion.


In California, Dr. Howard Marans strives to see each patient in a timely manner. He understands the need to eliminate pain to continue with normal daily activities. Dr. Marans begins with an individualized, accurate diagnosis prior to deciding on a treatment plan. After diagnosis, he will go over each of the treatment options and the expected outcome for both surgical and nonsurgical approaches.


California Orthopedic Specialist


The chosen treatment option will be reviewed, giving the patient time to ask questions and address all concerns prior to continuing with the plan. With over 20 years’ experience in a consistent practice, Dr. Marans and his courteous staff gladly accept PPO insurance and will work with other health care insurance providers to provide quality care without a financial burden. Please click below to schedule your consultation or call us at 714.979.8981