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Dr Howard Marans: Orthopedic Surgeons and Sport Medicine – City of Orange’s Orthopedic Specialist

The human body is a complex network consisting of a variety of joints, muscles, and bones. The orthopedic surgeon should be specialized in treating the entire musculoskeletal system. During times of injuries, trauma, or degenerative disease, a patient will need to utilize the best treatment options available to get back to the simplest of daily activities. Finding the best orthopedic surgeon in the City of Orange may depend on a variety of factors.


How Can an Orthopedic Surgeon Help?


A qualified orthopedic surgeon in the City of Orange can help by addressing the musculoskeletal problem creating the pain or limiting range of motion.

- Consultation is the first step in the treatment process. The consultation will begin with a face to face meeting with the surgeon. The specialist will begin by asking questions and discussing medical history.

- Accurate diagnosis will be the next step. An accurate diagnosis is needed to provide an optimal outcome in the treatment program. In order to achieve an accurate diagnosis, further testing may need to be implemented. The tests can include X-rays, MRI’s, and other imaging devices to give an overview of the troubled area.

- The treatment process will depend on the type of injury or degenerative disease. In some situations, non-surgical treatments may be implemented. The non-surgical options can include rest, ice packs, pain medication, bracing, and physical therapy. When the non-surgical options do not help the situation, surgery will be the next step in the treatment program process.

- Rehabilitation through the use of physical therapy is usually followed after a surgery. The program is designed to work toward regaining flexibility and strength. With a sports related injury, physical therapy is a must to prevent further damage to the injured area. Following all the instructions of the physical therapist are vital for success and the ability to return to the sport.

- Follow up care is vital in the treatment process. Finding an orthopedic surgeon in the City of Orange to offer follow up care should be a priority in achieving the optimal outcome of the entire treatment process. A follow up visit can focus on the healing of the injured area, ways to prevent injuries, and overall care of the musculoskeletal system while returning to normal activities. In sports, prevention of a reoccurring injury can help keep a player on the field and out of surgery.


An experienced orthopedic surgeon in the City of Orange can help with all orthopedic and sport’s medicine needs. Dr. Howard Marans has a consistent, 20 year practice. Dr. Marans is willing to work with a patient to provide the best outcome through accurate diagnosis and the precise implementation of a treatment program designed for each individual.


Whether a patient is looking to regain movement to participate in the simplest daily activities or return to playing sports, Dr. Marans can help every step of the way. Accepting PPO and the willingness to work with other insurance companies, Dr. Marans and his staff will do their best to give a patient the best treatment without causing financial hardship. Please click below to schedule your consultation or call us at 714.979.8981.